"I saw a sector that employed really passionate front-line carers who were encountering all sorts of obstacles that stopped them from providing great care. That is why I and my senior team devote a lot of our time to understanding how to make things simpler for our staff. I feel proud to be running a business that employs over 2,000 people who are really focused on their clients and care about what they are doing for others."
Narinder Singh

Narinder says his early experience in the sector and the frustrations he encountered made him realise that there was plenty of room for improvement.

He’s keen to grow the business, believing everyone who needs it should have access to high quality care, and that MiHomecare, Complete Care and The Care Agency can be the best in the sector. “We have some great people working across all areas,” he says, “who are doing an excellent job of looking after people. I want us to be able to offer that care to more people as well as create career opportunities for our staff.”

For Narinder a typical day starts around 5.45am as he gets ready to leave home in Retford, north of Nottingham, and head off to different parts of the business. “The walk to the train station, or drive to work, normally entails thinking about the day ahead and what I want to achieve,” he says. No two days are the same, but what they all have in common is the focus on people.

Narinder spends most of his day talking to staff around the business aiming to understand what is getting in the way of providing a first rate service and planning ways to remove any barriers to delivering the best care. He says:“Fortunately, my senior team are early risers, so I can be on the phone to one of them as early as 7am, discussing the business. I am then fortunate enough to get the opportunity to speak to staff and check out any ideas we have had to ensure they make sense and can work.”

Lunch is typically a sandwich and coffee and time spent talking with colleagues, whether in the office or out in the business. Narinder believes that having the right people for the job is crucial, so he sees being involved in recruitment as an important part of his role. When he can, Narinder prefers to walk as it makes up for not having enough time to go to the gym as regularly as he would like, although he has recently started circuit training, which he says he is finding invigorating.

His day typically ends around 7pm when he gets home and enjoys a family meal. After helping put the youngest of his four children to bed, Narinder will often catch up on some reading to keep abreast of what is going on in the care sector and the world at large as well as reply to any unanswered emails from the day. He then checks his phone before going to bed. “It’s a habit,” he says. “We work in a 24/7 care business and I don’t feel comfortable being more than just a few rings away from my phone.”