Many people who use care and support services will pay the whole costs. This is known as being a “self-funder”. The cost of your care will vary depending on its type, intensity, specialisation, location, service provider and duration. To make decisions that have such major financial implications, you may want to seek independent financial advice and it’s always worth researching the costs of alternatives first.

What is a self-funder?

A self-funder is the term we give to someone who pays the full cost for their own care and support requirements. This may be because:

  • You have chosen not to approach adult social care services for help with your care and support needs; or
  • You have been assessed by the adult social care team but not currently eligible for Care & Support
    services; or
  • You have been assessed by adult social care team as being eligible for care and support services but you have savings or assets above the self funding threshold set by the government.

What types of services can I buy?

Services included and are not limited to the following:

Personal care and support
Domestic support
Meal Preparation
Medication Support

Planning your care and support

We can help you decide what kind of support will best meet your needs. MiHomecare offer a free assessment to those looking for care and support with your own home. As part of this assessment will build a care package that best suits you