High Five Awards

The High Five Awards are all about recognising and rewarding the people who go above and beyond for a customer or colleague.

The categories are:

Safe Service

This is a team award for operational functions, delivering front-end care to our clients. Its focus is on the safety of the service. For example, the service would be well-planned, well-documented, well-communicated to all stakeholders and well-delivered to each client.

Effective Service

This is a team award for central functions, such as Finance, Business Development and HR. Its focus is on how effectively the nominated team provides specialist input to the wider business, for example, the success of a new mobilisation or the efficiency of the expenses system.


This is an individual award for those working in the operational line, delivering front-end care. Its focus is on the quality of the care given to clients. As an example, you may choose to nominate an individual for the outstanding care they give to a client with particularly complex needs, or who presents especially challenging behaviour.

Responsiveness to Need

This is an individual award for both those in a central function, such as Finance, Business Development or HR, and the operational line. Its focus is on the nominee’s responsiveness to a particularly complex and time-critical need. For example, it could be a critical business change, such as revised payroll processes, or a client’s changing clinical needs.

Well-led Service

This is a leadership award, available to Branch Managers, Senior Operational Managers, Operational Managers, Regional Clinical Leads or a manager in any of our central functions, such as Finance, Business Development and HR. Its focus is on strategic behaviour, inspirational qualities, communication skills, sound judgment and delivery of business objectives.

The winners in each category receive a cash prize, along with a certificate, badge and letter of congratulations from the Chief Executive. The competition runs in the months of February, April, June, August, October and December.


The winners are…

The winners for October 2017, the first competition since the High Fives Awards were launched are:

Safe Service:

Szvitlana Vigmond, Ina Sinitskay, Viktoryia Bohdan, Kamila Jankowsk, Sigitas Svalbona, Samira Bib, Sybil Stewart, Katazryna Celegrat, Kelly Colmey – Complete Care, Care Team.

Effective Service:

Andrea Martland, Gill Ferguson, Chloe Cafferty, Lynne Taylor, Melissa Spruce – Complete Care, Care Team.


Laura Hargreaves – Complete Care, Care Team Member.

Responsiveness to Need:

Dale Ball – People Directorate.

Well-Led Service:

Sharon Dickens – MiHomecare Branch Manager, Brighton.