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James Palmer


Services: personal care and respite care

About James

James is 86 years old and suffered from a stroke in 2013 which left him unable to walk without help. He also suffers from a degenerative eye disorder, which is making it increasingly difficult to read and see things in detail. He lives with his wife, Margaret, who is his full-time carer.  

How we help

Our care worker, Chris Reed, visits James and Margaret three times a week, to help James have a shower and get dressed in the morning.

Leanne, another MiHomecare care worker, takes James to hydrotherapy for three hours every week. Hydrotherapy can be an effective treatment for painful muscles, and while James is at the pool Margaret can have some time to herself.

James is still an active member of the local Rotary Club and holds regular fundraising events to support people in need in their local community.

“James really looks forward to Chris’ visits and it gives me a bit of a break too.”
Margaret Palmer (James’ wife)

James Palmer

Our visits give James' wife, Margaret, a break too.

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