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Gladys Benn


Services: personal care and companionship

About Gladys

Gladys is 98 and is registered blind. Her daughter, Pam, lives in the same block of flats and visits Gladys every day to do the cooking, washing and cleaning.  

How we help

Despite her blindness, Gladys is very independent and can do most things for herself in the home. Laura Peters, her care worker, visits Gladys three times a week, partly to help Gladys have a bath and partly to give her daughter a break.

During these respite visits Laura will take Gladys for a walk or visit the local café if the weather is nice. Otherwise, the two will play draughts or simply have a chat over a cup of tea.

Laura has been Gladys’ care worker for seven months and the two have formed a close friendship that means a lot to both of them.

“It’s great having Laura visit – she keeps me young!”
Gladys Benn, 98
Gladys Benn

Our respite visits make all the difference for Gladys.

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