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Jessie Wheatley


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About Jessie

Jessie Wheatley is 104 years old and lives in sheltered housing accommodation in Brighton. Meeting Jessie, you’d probably think she was 20 years younger than her actual age – her energy really is incredible. She still bakes cakes for the regular coffee mornings held at her sheltered housing.

How we help

Jessie is able to live on her own, and only needs help with the shopping, and to get in and out of the bath. Her daughter lives close by and helps with the weekly shop while Patricia, her care worker, visits once a week to provide the extra support that Jessie needs.

Patricia has been Jessie’s care worker for four years. Continuity like that is hugely important for Jessie – she wants to see a friendly face that she recognises. Over the years, Jessie and Patricia have formed a fantastic friendship. Jessie is slightly deaf and Patricia understands that she needs to talk slowly and exaggerate her lip movements, to help Jessie lip-read what Patricia is saying.

“Patricia is my regular care worker – it’s important to me to have the same person visiting every week.”
Jessie Wheatley, 104
Jessie Wheatley

At 104 years old, Jessie is still able to live on her own with the support of our care workers.

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