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Yolanda 'Kim' Kimber


Services: personal care

About Kim

Kim is 45 years old and has had multiple sclerosis since 1992. Kim now relies on a wheelchair and requires a lot of support to remain living in her own home.

How we help

Our care workers call on Kim five times a day, seven days a week. The calls take place throughout the day, to make sure Kim has the support she needs with dressing, personal care, meals, taking her medication and getting in and out of bed.

We also visit Kim for two hours every week to take her out and about. This could be to the local shops, out for lunch or to social events. This companionship helps Kim feel part of her local community.

A whole MiHomecare team provides care and support services to Kim, and we do our best to make sure she always sees the same people. This helps build strong relationships, and ensures that we understand how her needs and requirements are changing over time.

“I need some extra help so I can stay in my own home. MiHomecare workers are helping me keep my independence and I enjoy the company.”  
Yolanda 'Kim' Kimber, 45


Kim has multiple sclerosis and requires help and support to remain living in her own home.

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