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Simon Smith


About Simon

At the age of 40 Simon suffered a stroke that left him unable to walk without help, and reliant on the use of a wheelchair. He moved initially to a care home and lived there for over three years, but this didn’t turn out to be the ideal environment for Simon, and he decided he would prefer to live in his own home with a live-in care worker. The local social services team helped him find him a suitable two-bedroom house and arranged for all the right aids and adaptations to be made.

How we help

Rob is Simon’s live-in care worker and has been with him for just over a year. He helps Simon get up in the morning, assists with his personal care, and does all the cooking and cleaning in the home. At the end of the day, Rob helps Simon into bed, ensuring he is comfortable for the night, and also helps him get out and about during the day, whether to the hospital, the shops, or to social events.

But Rob provides much more than just care - their relationship is based on companionship and support. Providing a good live-in care service is about matching the right people together. Before Simon moved into his new home, we talked to him about the life he wanted to live, and the type of person that he was looking for to be his live-in care worker. Rob has proved to be the perfect match for Simon – they have a developed great friendship and Rob provides all the care and support that Simon needs.

“Live-in care has given me the independence I was looking for.”
Simon Smith, 46
Simon Smith

At the age of 40 Simon suffered a stroke that left him reliant on the use of a wheelchair. With the help of Rob, a live-in care worker, Simon lives in his own home.

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