Direct Payments - it’s about choice

If you are receiving social care services and want more control over the care you receive, Direct Payments can be a great option.

The Direct Payments service has been set up to give you greater choice and control over your life and the care you receive. It involves you receiving money directly from the council that you can then use to pay for your care.

With Direct Payment, you would employ MiHomecare directly which gives you control over how your care is provided and allows you choose your own activities to suit your schedule.

Some of the advantages of Direct Payments include:

  • More choice and control over your care
  • Increased independence
  • More flexibility - so your care can fit around the way you choose to live your life rather than the other way around
  • You can organise your own care arrangements as long as your assessed needs are met

You’ll need to be able to manage your direct payments (either by yourself or with help). If you don’t think you’ll be able to manage, you can always nominate someone else to manage your payments for you. If there’s a reason that a council can’t offer you Direct Payments they’ll advise you.

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