Hospital admission avoidance

Increased demand for health services by a rapidly growing and ageing population has lead to increased pressure for expensive hospital beds.

Over the last ten years this has led to the development of hospital admission avoidance services designed to keep people out of hospital that don't need to be there by caring for them in the community or at home.

Rapid response

MiHomecare works with several organisations across the country as part of rapid response teams who receive patient referrals from community and emergency health services teams. The response teams are available 24/7 to treat and look after people in their homes who might otherwise end up in hospital. MiHomecare support workers work alongside, nurses, clinicians and other health workers to make sure they receive the treatment and support they need.

For more information, please read our case study on our rapid response work in Wiltshire in partnership with the Medvivo Group.

Reablement services

We also work in similar schemes that help patients to leave hospital earlier than they would otherwise be able to and receive further care and support at home instead of in hospital.

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