Eme Eisier

Ene Eiseir (live-in care worker)

I’m from Estonia and moved to Inverness eight years ago to work in a care home for people with dementia. I spent seven years in Inverness before moving to Essex in 2012 to become a live-in care worker. What I like about this role is that I can work full-time for eight to ten weeks and then go back to Estonia to see my family. The flexibility is great and suits my lifestyle perfectly.

I’ve been doing this particular job for a year now. It is hard work – the hours are long and it can be very demanding, but it’s wonderful to know that you’re enabling someone to carry on living in their own home. I work regularly for a lovely couple called George and Bethany. George is 93 and Bethany is 90. They rely on me for everything, and without a live-in care worker or a family member supporting them they would have been forced to move to a care home a long time ago. My typical day starts early in the morning helping Bethany get out of bed, and assisting with bathing and dressing. Bethany needs more support than George but I still do all the cooking, housework and shopping for them both. Providing companionship is another important part of the job. You need to be friendly, happy and most importantly, have a sense of humour! I have a couple of hours’ break every afternoon but the working day doesn’t end until George goes to bed at 9.30pm.

When I go back to Estonia another care worker supports George and Daphne for the couple of weeks while I’m away, but it’s great to come back to the same people. We have a really good relationship and it’s very rewarding to see the difference I’m making in their lives.

Making a difference

Making a difference

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