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Laura Peters (care worker)

I started working for MiHomecare just over a year ago. I left school at 16 and went to college for two years to study childcare and then started working in a local special needs school as a supply teacher’s assistant.  But both my Mum and my auntie were care workers, and I began to think that this was what I really wanted to do. So I called my local MiHomecare branch and went for an interview. They told me more about the role and the training I would have to complete before I would be allowed to go into someone’s home, and I decided it was definitely the job for me. The training was brilliant and I then spent some time shadowing another colleague before carrying out my first home visit on my own.

My typical day consists of visiting my customers and giving them the different types of care they need. Some need help getting out of bed, and washed and dressed in the morning, but others really just want to have some company. Sometimes I’m the only person they see all day, which makes my visit especially important.

Seeing my customers reach the end of their life is definitely the saddest part of my job, but I also have the huge satisfaction of helping many people become more independent, which is fantastic. I definitely see myself staying in the care industry, and I may decide to start working towards social care qualifications. Who knows what the future may bring.

“Sometimes I’m the only person my customers see all day, so my visit really does make a difference.”
Laura Peters, 19, care worker

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Making a difference

Making a difference

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