Sue Engmann

Sue Engmann (care worker)

Believe it or not, I left a career as a seamstress to become a care worker! I’d always wanted the chance to work in the healthcare industry, and had originally wanted to be a nurse, but the training was more than I could manage at the time, so providing care in the home was the next best thing.

When I started as a care worker I had young children and could only work part-time. It’s actually an ideal job for people with a family, as you can fit your shifts around homework and the school run. Mine are older now, so I started working full-time a few years ago when they left school.

I love the fact that I’m out and about every day, meeting new people and really making a positive difference.  You do get close to your customers, that’s only natural, but you’re a professional too, with your training to support you.

I carry out many different services for my customers, from preparing meals, to personal care, to taking them out and about to local community events or to the shops. I love the variety and the flexibility. It’s a great job and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to work with people in a role that really does make a difference in someone’s life.

“I love the flexibility of the role – if you’ve got kids then you can work your shifts around homework and the school run.”
Sue Engmann, 46, care worker
Making a difference

Making a difference

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