The Jo Cox Commission recently published a report which stated that loneliness is as detrimental to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. We find that many of our services users become socially isolated, which is a major setback to their well-being, and we fully understand the key role we play in reducing this. When we plan care and support with you, we identify ‘key others’ in your circle of support (friends, family members, neighbours, people important to your religious welfare), as well as any assistance they are willing and able to provide.

Working in conjunction with others where appropriate, we’ll make sure you can get out and about, in any way that makes you happy. It might be enabling you to attend a club of your choosing, or we’d be delighted to invite you to our Customer Focus Groups to meet and befriend other people in the same situation as yourself, or we could arrange for you to go to a volunteers’ group where you’re sure to make new friends.

While education and employment for you are outside our remit, our local branch teams develop a library of information of local services, organisations, opportunities and events that you could choose to find out more about. This expert local knowledge is drawn upon as we plan care and support with you and we’ll let you know about such things in our newsletters.

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