Meal Preperation

Our support workers will work with you to help you to prepare your own meals, whether it’s a light snack for lunch or a proper cooked dinner.  You may only need a little help but, on the other hand, you may just have come out of hospital so eating well is vital. Malnutrition may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s a genuine concern when people are unable to cook for themselves. Whatever your ongoing needs, you can rest assured that our support workers are trained to provide sensitive, enabling care and support.

Here’s an example of what we do:

We looked after Mary when she was discharged from hospital. She became malnourished and dehydrated, so needed a focused plan of action to re-establish healthy eating and drinking habits.

Our evening support worker noticed that Mary would eat considerably more if she had prepared a meal herself, so a plan was devised to make this possible, with small achievable goals building up gradually in complexity

  • Week 1 – Mary chose a meal and sat in the kitchen while the support worker prepared and cooked it
  • Week 2 – Mary took responsibility for timing the meal and telling the support worker when it should be removed from the oven
  • Week 3 – Mary peeled the vegetables

Working through these stages, Mary was eventually able to cook simple meals independently, her appetite returned, and her weight increased to a healthy level.

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