Reablement is a curious word that’s recently become fashionable. It’s a service we offer that will get you back to ‘business as usual’ by helping you to regain skills you may have lost through a serious illness or operation. For that reason, we most often undertake it for people who’ve just come out of hospital.

A small team of well-trained reablement workers will work with you to encourage you, step by step, to regain your independence both in the home, and when you’re out and about. For example, it might be helping you to make a cup of tea, or have a shower, or it could be to catch a bus, or go on a shopping trip.

We work closely with the community, hospital and social care teams, support workers and care coordinators, who share our vision of making your life work as best it can. Our goal is for our reablement care to help you live independently, while reducing your ongoing care costs. We have a 6-week reablement course, which, for many people is enough to get them up and running with no further need for care.

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