7 April 2020 – A message of thanks from Cllr Ben Coleman to our Hammersmith and Fulham team

7 April 2020 – Public Health England’s PPE Guidance for Suspected and Confirmed Covid-19 Cases

Please note that this guidance relates ONLY to the PPE you should wear if you are delivering care and support to a person with suspected or confirmed Covid-19.

7 April 2020 – Putting on and removing PPE safely

Take a look at the short videos below to make sure you are clear on how to put on, remove and dispose of your PPE safely.

3 April 2020 – Not All Superheroes Wear Capes!
A message from Ian Hadingham, Operations Director

We have a crucial role to play in the fight against Covid-19 – keeping the more vulnerable members of our communities safe and reassured in their own homes; and supporting people to be discharged from hospital to free up much-needed beds and resources. Your support and expertise is needed like never before.

Thanks to the huge number of you and your colleagues who continue to provide superb care and support every day from morning until night, we have been able to complete over 55,000 care and support visits this week. That’s an incredible achievement in the current climate! We continue to applaud and appreciate each and every one of you daily for your ongoing dedication and commitment – we are all eternally grateful.

As the pandemic continues, the number of Care Workers and volunteers needed to support our clients in the community has exploded. This week, we are delighted to welcome 80+ new frontline staff to MiHomecare. Thank you to each of you for joining us at this crucial time. You will make an enormous difference to your local communities and to you MiHomecare colleagues.

To all of you and your families please stay safe and THANK YOU,


3 April 2020 – Free Parking and Santander Cycle Rides for London Adult Social Care Workers

From this week, those working in home care are able to park for free at any Transport for London (TfL) car park. Critical workers are encouraged to display supporting evidence in their windscreen, such as photocopies of their work pass with sensitive information removed, or a letter of evidence from their employer.

TfL is also offering home care workers free access to the Santander Cycles scheme in London. They will cover the cost of a 24-hour access period every day, with each access period including all journeys under 30 minutes for free – no matter how many journeys are taken. For more information, and instructions on how to redeem this offer, email providerengagement@cqc.org.uk.

1 April 2020 – Telephone Calls

As you can imagine, all of our branches are experiencing high volumes of calls due to the Coronavirus crisis (Covid-19).

So that we are able to answer as many of the calls made to our branch telephone numbers as possible, please only call the branch number if your call is urgent or in an emergency. For all other calls, please consider calling your Field Care Supervisor on their work mobile in the first instance to help free up the branch telephone number.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

1 April 2020 – Sources of Essential Support

In such uncertain times, know where to go for extra support…

30 March 2020 – An amazing response!
A message from Jonathan Vellacott, Executive Chairman

I want to add my personal and sincere thanks to each of you for your tireless efforts as we
continue the fight against Coronavirus. You have put your clients’ needs first, and have
gone the extra mile to ensure that more people are able to remain at home with the vital care
that you provide. We have some really difficult weeks ahead, but I am grateful for the way
each of you is responding, realising that what we do each day can make a critical difference.

It is now clear that the Government rightfully values our social care work as of equal
importance to the NHS. Our role is to provide great care at home, ease pressure on the NHS,
and therefore help more people to get the urgent care they need in order to come through this.

Please take a few minutes to read the letter to all of you (below) from Matt Hancock, the
Health and Social Care minister. I share his sentiments entirely.

Keep up the essential work you’re doing each day, and keep safe.

Kind regards


27 March 2020 – Clapping, rainbows and thank you!
A message from Julianne Baker, CFO

Dear All,

I wanted to check in with you at the end of another crazy week. I am
totally humbled by how our teams have pulled together and continue to
operate at such high standards in very uncertain times.

In what is a rare occurrence for me(!)…I have found myself speechless
at many times in the last two weeks. 8pm last night was one of those times,
my family and I clapped to say thank you to everyone of you. There are a
lot of different positive messages being shared on social media about the
rainbows springing up in many windows. The one that resonates the most to me
is that we are all in this together; because we very much are.

Thank you to everyone who is working so very hard for our customers and to
support our operational teams.

Please keep safe.


27 March 2020 – Help us grow our teams at this critical time via:

MiHomecare’s Refer a Friend Scheme

Do you know someone who would be an asset to our team?

Please refer them to us and earn £500 for every successful referral you make.

Previous experience is not required – full training will be provided.

If the person you refer is employed, you will receive a payment of £500 and they
will receive a payment of £200 in the next payment run following their successful
completion of 3 months’ service.

To make a referral, please email your friend’s name, email address and CV
(if you have it) to Recruitment@mihomecare.com.
Scheme date 16/03/2020

26 March 2020 – PPE Guidance

26 March 2020 – Health and Social Care PPE Guidance

25 March 2020 – Care Worker Guidance for Care Visits